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What is The Story of Hyrule?

The story of Hyrule uses musical themes from the Zelda series: The legend of Zelda. Zelda II The adventures of Link. Zelda III A Link to the past. With additional and original music, I tried combining the Zelda themes with some original music to create a story. The music it self forms one 3rd of the Story Of Hyrule. The 2nd part is the written story which accompaniments the musical story. The 3rd part are the pictures which accompaniments the written and musical parts to form a whole.

Why The Story of Hyrule?

The games I have chosen are some of the games I grew up with in my childhood. They are part of me, a part of me that I look back onto as a child. The games of that time, the 80s and 90s hold something special, an innocence not found so easily in the games that appear now. This is my representation of those adventures; I wanted to capture a sense of fantasy and wonderment. From those Zelda games that I played when I was young.

  • Out of the Original Zelda stories, of which mine is most closest related to, would be Zelda 3: A Link to the past.
  • In Zelda 3,Link faces the Armos knights, in the eastern palace. In this story he faces them inside the throne room in castle Hyrule.
  • In Zelda 3,There are 2 worlds Light and Dark. In this story there are no Dark or light worlds, everything occurs in and around the Hyrule kingdom. The timeless void where Ganondorf resides does not count as a world, because Link does not travel to that place.
  • In Zelda 3,Link has to search for 3 pendants to be able to claim the master sword. In this story he does not need the 3 pendants to get the master sword. Later in The Story Of Hyrule, he is given the power of the Triforce. From a goddess in the ruined sanctuary, that he visits in the underworld.
  • In Zelda 2,New Kasuto town was never placed near the lostwoods. In Zelda 3,Kakariko village was the nearest village to the lostwoods.
  • Sahasrahia was never the wise man of Kasuto town.
  • In Zelda 2,The great palace was the final palace Link ventured into where he faced his own shadow. In this story the great palace holds an enormous library, though this once great palace now lays in ruins.
  • In Zelda 2 and 3, Iron Knuckle was never placed in any of the final towers.
  • In Zelda 3 the Triforce resided in the golden land, which was the dark world in Zelda 3. In my story the Triforce resides in a forest far east in the Hyrule kingdom.

These are only some of differences though there are many others, if you wish, see how many others you can spot.