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In the distant future, the stars of the universe have begun to burn out. The last remaining life forms travel the cosmos in search of a new horizons. New places to live. New places to shop. New places to hang out after school. New places... to rule.

Discover INTERGALACTIC SKYMALL, a massive solar-sized shopping mall built around a stabilized red dwarf star. Intergalatic Skymall remains one of the universe's final destinations for shopping.

But as shopping trips in the future go from "the mall across town" to "the mall on Zeta-001", new crowds of shoppers are visiting Intergalactic Skymall -- and not everyone is here for stardust cinnamon buns. This mall is now more than just a place to get the latest in space-ready fashion, or the latest Andromeda West album chip:

It's a battlefield.

Shops & Battlegrounds

Desolation Incorporated
Galeries Leforneau