Album Credits

Each musician was provided a randomly generated theme for this album, unaware that it would become TORULETHEMALL. We appreciate each and every person who worked on this release with us. All Musicians, Designers, and Developers that worked on this project are part of Intergalactic Skymall's Secret Galaxy Shopper program, collaborating to make this project a supernova success.


  • anosci
  • Arcana
  • Atmospherium
  • colorado weeks
  • CotMM
  • David John
  • DDRKirby(ISQ)
  • Eslee
  • ethansight
  • fusion2004
  • Invisible Observer
  • Jan Koekepan
  • Misael.K
  • NickC
  • Shael Riley
  • starla
  • Suzumebachi
  • the social contract
  • TheVideoGamer

Graphic Design

  • Doug "Ramaniscence" Arley (Logo, Album Art, Video Editing)
  • starla (Shop Logos)
  • GarlicKnots (Album Art)
  • Relight Motion (Background Video)

Project Management

  • starla (Project Coordinator)
  • & all the rest of the admins at ThaSauce


  • Mark "fusion2004" Oleson (development)
  • ItsAndieHere (copywriting & worldbuilding)
  • Doug "Ramaniscence" Arley (copywriting & worldbuilding)