Welcome to the homepage of OverClocked ReMix's ninth official album project, one we at OC ReMix would argue sets a standard for all past and future projects. This is ReCapitated: An Official OverClocked ReMix Tribute Arrangement Album Project.

The amateur artists of OCR have worked since January 24, 2004 to pay tribute to the singularly most inspiring and inspired track in video game history: Sonic the Hedgehog 3's "IceCap Zone!"

There are many original video game tracks that have made us stop playing the game or put a tape recorder next to the television in order to experience, some would even say capture, the magic therein. But only one composition (allegedly made with the involvement of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself) could generate such interest within the OC ReMix community. Feast your eyes on the impressive website and feast your ears to 18 of the most diverse ReMixes of one theme ever assembled.

From OC ReMix founder djpretzel and his illustrious judges panel, to old school legends such as Shael Riley, Spekkosaurus and FFmusic Dj, to emerging talents like DrumUltimA, Geoffrey Taucer and Leis Miller, you will hear creativity at its most fertile. So before you check out the project, take a moment to pay homage to the source tunes: Act 1 and Act 2.

On behalf of everyone responsible for ReCapitated, happy listening... and don't slip on da ice!

- Andrew "zircon" Aversa
OC ReMix Judges Panel

You can discuss the project on it's discussion thread in the Projects forum on OC ReMix.